Cencor Initiative Group

Creating sustainable value through private investment, business advisory, and interim executive services.


We invest our intellectual and financial resources in early-stage, innovative ventures in high technology and life sciences.


Programming productivity tools, cybersecurity, communications, disaster recovery, data center management, SaaS, cloud computing, Big Data & Analytics, data visualization, IoT solutions

Business and consumer software solutions

Digital marketing solutions, business process automation, B-to-B and B-to-C services, healthcare IT, back-office automation, dynamic TV advertising

Unique opportunistic ventures

Examples: Blockchain, energy storage and efficiency, medical device solutions, consumer healthcare, textiles, etc.

We work with innovative companies that require capital and/or a trusted partner to enable them to reach the next level of development and fully realize their potential.

We advise on strategy, process, and execution in operations and finance, and we syndicate with other investors to raise additional capital when needed.

Companies of Interest

Enterprise and IT Infrastructure Software

Our Team

Mark Modzelewski
Mark Modzelewski


Mark Modzelewski
Christopher Bessette





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Contact Us

If you are interested in discussing our business advisory or interim executive services, please contact maggieemery@groupcencor.com. Entrepreneurs seeking funding, our focus is on high tech and life science ventures. Please feel free to submit your business information below, including a pitch deck if available for further consideration.

Key Learnings

“It is every man’s obligation to put back at least what he has taken if not more.” - Albert Einstein

“The key to my job is to be there for the person you backed,” Tisch says. “To be there as an ear, someone to bounce ideas off of, somebody just to have dinner with and talk through the emotional challenges of the moment. They’re doing the hardest job in the world, which is creating something from nothing.” [David Tisch, BoxGroup]

In early stage ventures, we expect missteps, delays, and unforeseen hurdles. We also expect humility while developing confidence working through the successes and failures.

Successful entrepreneurs are able to adapt to changing competitive and regulatory environments. “Pivot is change in strategy, not vision." [Eric Reis, The Lean Startup]

The building blocks of any company require a vision, strategies supporting that vision, and development of repeatable processes supporting those strategies. However, execution is the differentiator.